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Boston Strong!

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More pics…

One thing Steph and I keep a eye open for are any studies that may be right for me. They are testing drugs that specifically target genes. I have two over active, hence cancer genes, one is fairly common the other is not, rare like me. The research doctor at MSKCC started asking around and found a study in Boston. This just happened to be around the same time as the Stanley Cup play offs. See where I am going with this?

So, Steph and I hopped on a plane to Boston. Tickets taken care of by Mr. Jack Stanfield and his deep rooted friendships, thanks Jody. Lodging was an Uncle Fred connection, thanks Phil Casonetti. Great place to stay, Bricco Suites, if you’re ever in Boston. Trust me, this is what they mean when they say calling in a favor. So, I get the pleasure of escorting Stephanie to her second hockey game ever, a play off game. Having an ongoing bet with Pops we where rooting for the Bruins, the arena was on fire and the game was hard fought on both sides. Boston dominating most of the play, 17 seconds and counting Chicago pulls an upset for the home team! The Stanley Cup is won, and we are in awe! The air deflates the room and history is written, with a small side note… Steph and Shane were there.

Next morning off to the hospital to meet with a doctor who has a study focused on my particular mutations. Everything went great and I will stay in touch with them should the timing and my physical requirements all line up.

Boston was a nice city and we enjoyed it very much. Never needed a cab or car, just used the “T” as they call it. As they say, take the time to smell the flowers and listen to the birds. With our eyes and ears wide open we smelled the sweat on the rink and heard the skate blades shred the ice.

Steph and I can’t thank those enough who made this possible, a true once in a lifetime experience, if, like me your lucky!