One thing that has always bothered me about people when they are facing challenging times in their lives is, all of the sudden they find a purpose for their life and a “cause!” So please forgive this contradiction as I rant.


I like many others in our country have fallen victim to our poor health care system. For most of my adult life I have not had health insurance. As a self employed person I couldn’t afford to have a $400 month bill every month. Fortunately, I did get on a high deductible health plan shortly before discovering what was going on with me. Which leads me to my point. We all need health insurance. If I had it earlier I would have learned of my cancer earlier. I could have caught it at stage 3, 2,1 or perhaps before it was cancer all together. I say this with no doubt in my mind, I would have caught it earlier.


How can we solve this problem? It is my honest opinion that we have a chance to “Change” things for the better with Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act.


So, for those out there who want to support me through this challenging time. I only ask one thing, for us to improve the lives of others by supporting this bill as the inevitable challenges come up against it. If you feel this is not the best way to solve the problems, I ask you, to give it a chance to make a change for the better.


Cole (my brother) has also set up a donation site to help with medical expenses. Your love and thoughts are all I need but if you feel so inclined, it will be used to help with medical expenses. And if there is any left over I promise it will be channeled in to chasing a dream and artistic endeavor.