This is a sample video from a little thing Cole and I call Sunday Films. Sunday Films is a creative challenge to make a film every Sunday.  We pick a word and inspired or not, we make it happen.  I triple dog dare you to join in the fun!  If you would like to see more check out the Youtube Channel.


Hear and here is road trip from Austin, TX to New York, NY all rapped and wrapped up into a music video. The music is by Cole Stanfield, my brother, and Mark Geary of Dangerous Toys. With the help of my partner in crime John Perez we shot footage on the road back to our homes in Brooklyn, NY. The narrative is my life and the family is real. Thanks Jake for being a great sport! No members of my family where injured while filming this bio-music-vid. It was shot primarily on a iPhone 4. The sunrise time-lapse in Nashville and sunset in New York where shot on a early model Canon Rebel. It was a personal project that I enjoyed doing. I hope you find some pleasure in it as well.

Here is a holiday video starring, The Stephin-a-tor, The Martin Twins, Lil Rios and yours truly, LLCool Shane for all.  Complements of my dear friend Amy Martin.


I randomly found this video on Vimeo.  Funny how things seem to find you in life.  I had no clue going in, the relevance this would have… a little bit of inspiration in my day.


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    Sharon FitzSimons April 1, 2013

    Dear Shane,

    Your “Brooklyn Snowing” video was magical! I can’t wait to see anything and everything you do with your creative spirit. Of course I was sorry to hear you did not make it into the experimental study, but I do believe “things happen for a reason.” As trite as that may sound, in your case, I pray and feel it will be a “good reason.”

    I am not what you would call a religious person, but I truly enjoyed watching the recent History Channel series on “The Bible.” I am looking forward to discussing it with Heidi as I know she too watched it. The good and evil of human nature is all there, but I tried to focus more on the good and to see what love and “good” faith can do for all of us. If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend all five two hour episodes. It created a “visual” experience I missed in “Sunday School” and I was glad to see how the stories were all connected.

    You are always in my heart and you are such a wonderful reflection of what good and love is all about. I want you to know,
    we, in the FitzSimons Family, are all here for you Shane, and don’t ever forget how much we care and love you as you go through this incredibly difficult time. Don’t lose faith and know that for us to learn more about your challenges, through all your courageous creative efforts, makes all of us stronger as we continue to exist in this crazy life on planet earth. Thank you Shane and keep it coming!.

    Much love, as always, to you and Stephanie

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