Scan number 2013 in 2013

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Sitting in chemo with some good news for the new year. Had a scan last week and everything is continuing to move in the right direction. Shrinkage in this case is good;) Hope everyone is well and happy in the new year. Working on more updates this year. This way I can keep you guys intrigued and coming back for more.



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    Costanza January 12, 2013

    Rae Dawn Chong. Keep on shrinkin’ on, my man!

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    Rob January 14, 2013

    Glad to read the good news. “Shrinkage” is a good thing in your case…

    Keep those updates coming!

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    Kaysie January 21, 2013

    Love hearing your humor in your posts. Thanks for keeping us intrigued. Love from the Browns! XOXO

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