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OK, I have been a little out of the loop! I think the best excuse is, I have been working on my well being. This illness can consume you and everything you are, if you let it. This is my reason to all of you that have been so kind and supportive to me. I don’t want it to own me and if I talk about it all the time, it does just that. Well I won’t let it!

I do, however, want to say to all of you how grateful I am for your love and support. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for those who are not as lucky as me to have such a wonderful support team. You guys rock and my appreciation goes beyond these words.

I have been getting stronger and gaining some weight. I am a whopping 142 lbs. I am happy with this for now. It would be nice if I could add about 10-15 lbs of muscle. That would really put me back to my fighting weight.

I am on a new chemo that is making my hair fall out, lame. It is still there for now but I might have to buzz the crown to avoid looking like the middle aged man, that I am, trying too hard. I have always wanted to do the buzz thing but didn’t have the balls. Well who would know that the cancer would cause me to grow a set.

I have been starting to pick up some work again. It is great for me all though I am a little held back and taking it slow due to my ileostomy. For those that don’t know, here is a link to what that is.

I have one for the time being, knock on wood, until I have the next surgery. The plan is to get the liver tumors to the point where we can operate and leave enough liver for me to survive on. There are two bigger tumors and a lot of small lesions. At this point inoperable. I am continuing to have two systemic chemos every other week. One takes about 30 minutes at the hospital and the other is the one I go home with in a bottle and it last for 72 hours. In addition, I have the internal pump that my doctor is known for. We implanted that when the rectal tumor was removed. This we fill up every other week, as well, and it goes directly to the liver over the next two weeks. The good thing about this one is there are next to no side effects, at least that I feel.

I think this covers it for now. I can’t restate enough how much all the support means to me. I know I have slowed down on my updates but I haven’t stopped thinking about how lucky I am to have you guys on my side.





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    mom July 8, 2012

    Thanks Shane for the effort it takes to put these things together. I, like you, do not want to talk about this all the time so it helps when people can keep up with you. You are in my thoughts 24/7 and that is not an exaggeration. I am with you every step of the way. Mom

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    isaac July 8, 2012

    Love you man! Will be back in New York for a bit this fall, can’t wait to see you!

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    Christina stanfield July 8, 2012

    I am glad your getting stronger, I have to say i was a little sad i haven’t heard much from you lately but totally understand!. I think the shaved head thing will be cool. maybe we can convince some others to do it in support of ya :). Well give steph and your self big hugs from us. LOVE YOU! maybe we can see you soon.

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    Michael and Nancy July 9, 2012

    Michael and I are so pleased to hear from you. You are never far from our thoughts and prayers. We are always hoping for the best for you. We know that this is an ordeal of great measure and we are so impressed how you continue to maintain your sense of humor. You have gone through a lot and are continuing to do so. We are with you in thought. Please know that. Go well. Love, Michael and Nancy

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    Sharon Cramer July 20, 2012

    It’s wonderful to hear your update and I think of you so often. Prayers and positive thoughts your way–You have an awesome way of stepping outside and looking at this. It’s inspiring.

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    Alixe Hale July 22, 2012

    Although it seems I am far away, up here in Vancouver, you are still very alive in my healing thoughts and prayers. I have a picture of you, Cole and Alison in my bedroom. The picture was taken when you all were about 5 years old, on the beach in Galveston. There is a mist covering the 3 or you and this provides a very mystical feel. As I look at the picture daily you are close in my heart. Sending lots of love.

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    Keith J. Smith August 27, 2012

    The guys here in Houston are still praying for a quick and painless recovery. Hang in there and eat a few t-bone steaks to get your body weight up. God Bless.
    Keith Smith

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    Lacey Carpenter Morgan October 8, 2012

    Hey Shane! It is Lacey (Carpenter) Morgan…not sure if you remember me…I’m Kelly’s little sister. Anyway, I heard from Kelly what you are going through and was very sorry to hear it. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I know this post is older and I am not sure where you are with treatment and recovery…but I hope that wherever you are that you are feeling peace, strength, and encouragement.

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