Hell Of A Ride!

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The last couple of months have been a roller coaster to say the least. For those who have been checking in or reaching out, you never go unnoticed. I hope this explains a little…

Back in February my oncologist, Nancy Kemeny MD, decided to send me to meet with a surgeon to discuss potential surgery on my liver. After meeting with the surgeon we decided to go ahead and set up surgery for March. We had me go in for a PET scan. While meeting with my colorectal surgeon we realized there was some “activity” in my pelvic area and also did a biopsy on what we thought to be a hemorrhoid. As you may have guessed it turned out to be positive. This derailed the surgery and I we had to reassess our plan. It turns out I have a rare mutation of cancer and there happen to be a upcoming study for a drug that gets good results for my mutation. So, off to see another doctor. It was looking like I could get involved in this study only to be derailed once again because of a EKG QTc number being to high. Apparently there are very strict regulations from the FDA on these studies. During this time I was not doing treatment. Yes, no chemo for around a month. Man did that feel good!
As one can imagine I was very disappointed to be rejected for the study. Not only because of the potential of getting good results, but the idea of being on the crest of the wave is something I like the idea of, if not for me, for the future and others!

Last week I went back to chemo and today back in for a CAT. Feeling well actually other then the hell of a ride the last couple of months have been. As I said your love and support does not go unnoticed and I promise I am in good spirits and proud to have you all on my team.

P.S.  I added a new video, hope you enjoy!



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    mom March 27, 2013

    ok here it is, so far so good I like it.

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    trinaje March 29, 2013

    Just watched your videos. My comments: Snow- beautiful and lonely. Tomato/Rain- delightful, it made me laugh (in a good way)
    I am sure you could have done without the crazy roller coaster ride of the last few months but trying to look on the bright side, at least you got a chemo-free month out of it.

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    wendi kincaid April 25, 2013

    HI Shane and Stephanie,

    Just droppong by and seeing how things are going. I continue to sendyou healing energy and good thoughts.

    Much love,

    ps. Those videos are AMAZING!!!! JUST WONDERFUL. I LOVE THEM! (yes, i am SHOUTING!)

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